Family Trees of 7 Dutch-American Families, 2 English-American Family and 1 German-American Family:


DeGraaff or de Graaff with a suffix as their name was written in Holland. Their earliest known roots are in the early 18th century in the Dutch city of Alkmaar which is famous for it’s historic cheese market.


Coming from the village Wijnaldum in the north-western part of the Province of Friesland, Feikema is after 300 years a wide spread name in The Netherlands, probably because they like to raise such large families.


They originate from Leiden, Zuid Holland. Pure Dutch or, if even older generations are unveiled and confirmed, maybe the roots lead back to Germany.


The 18th century patriarch of the Stevenson family originates from the most southern district of Buckinghamshire, England. Due to an administrative border change in 1832, two districts in the far south of Buckinghamshire are now located in the county of Berkshire. Using todays locations, the children of Jesse Stevenson were christened in churches in Windsor, Horton and Colnbrook in the county Berkshire and in Iver in the county of Buckinghamshire. All situated less then 5 miles from each other.


This family comes from a town called Ooststellingwerf on the south-east border of the Province of Friesland in The Netherlands.


Like DeGraaff, they too have their roots in the city of Alkmaar. Van der Voort is a common name in The Netherlands and today is not bound to any province in particular.


The Wiebenga family originates from the villages Usquert and Warffum in the north-west part of the Province of Groningen in The Netherlands.


They originate from Medemblik, a historic fortified harbor town at the Zuiderzee, nowadays called the IJsselmeer, in the Province of Noord-Holland in The Netherlands.

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