Family Tree of Allen generation 2

Descendants of James Allen, born 1625.

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Captain Arthur Allen Sr grew up in Worcestershire, England.
He immigrated to Virginia, BCA in the second half of the 30’ies decade and he was given a property transfer of 200 acres of land for supporting himself, his wife and 3 servants. The property was located in James City Co., Virginia between Lawnes Creek and Lower Chippokes Creek. On October 3, 1661, Allen purchased 500 acres from John and Peleg Dunstan, the sons and heirs of John Dunstan, between Lower Chippokes and Lawns Creek adjoining his other land.

Arthur Allen was an agent for tobacco merchants in Bristol, England. He established one of the largest tobacco plantations in Surry County by the 1660s. Four years later, he built his home, which later came to be called Allen’s Brick House, on this property. It reflected his status as one of the county’s wealthiest men.

Allen’s Brick House was seized and occupied by followers of Nathaniel Bacon in 1676 in protest of British taxation. It renamed Bacon’s Castle in the 1750s. It is considered the oldest brick Jacobean style home in America.
Enceclopedia Virginia / Arthur Allen

2.6. Arthur Allen Jr., son of Arthur Allen Sr., was born in 1652 on the Allan plantation, Surry, Virginia.
Another birthday is celebrated in the year 1652. The newly created county of Surry covers all the land, by now more then 2000 acres, that Arthus Sr. and his sons own and surrounding parishes.
Arthur Jr. passed away before September 5, 1710. We know this because he was survived by his wife. His place of death is Isle of Wight Parish, Surry, Virginia.
Arthur Jr. married Katherine Baker about 1680 at the Allen Brick House or Bacon Castle as it is called today in Surry. Katherine was born on December 13, 1650 in Isle of Wight, Surry, Virginia. She passed away on September 5, 1710 in Isle of Wight Parish.
The couple raised 4 sons and 4 daughters.

However interesting the story about the descendants of Arthur and Katherine is, from here onward the bloodline of James Allen will be followed.

2.7. James Allen was born about 1625 in Droitwich, Worc., England. He passed away at the age of 85 in the year 1710 in Virginia, British Colonial America.
James married Elizabeth Basset, daughter of William Basset and Elizabeth Tilden, about 1648 in Surry, Virginia, British Colonial America. Elizabeth was born about 1628 in Virginia. She died in 1655 in James City, Virginia.

The couple raised the following children:

3.1. [M] (i) James Allen was born about 1649 in Surry, Virginia.
3.2. [M] (ii) John Allen was born about 1650 in Christchurch, Middlesex, Virginia. He passed away at the age of 32 in 1682 in Tappahannock, Essex, Virginia.
3.3. [M] (iii) Joseph Allen was born about 1651 in Surry, Virginia.

Family Tree of Allen generation 2

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