Family Tree of Allen generation 6

Descendants of Allen family in 17th century Virginia, British Colonial America

Latest update performed on April 13, 2022.

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The diagram belowe shows children, parents an grandparents of Daniel Allen and Martha “Patsy” Barkers.

The diagram was made to see how parents name their children after their parents or grandparents.
The 1st daughter of Daniel and Patsy, Mary Allen was named after the grandmother of Patsy on her mother’s side. The 2nd son Sherwood Allen was named after the grandparent of Patsy on her mother’s side and the 2nd given name of the 3rd son William John Allen could be a reference to the grandfather of Patsy on her father’s side or one of the grandfathers of Daniel.

Based on the naming of the 1st daughter and 2ndson, it seems obvious that the 1st and 3rd son, Charles Allen and William John Allen were named after the father and/or the grandfathers of Daniel Allen. The diagram shows one suggestion, but if we fail to submit proof for this scenario we will research the other combinations.

Family Tree of Allen generation 6

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