Family Tree of Allen generation 10

Descendants of James Allen, born 1625.

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10.19. Robert Erdeen Allen, son of Aaron Fletcher Allen was born on February 25, 1915 in Mills, Harding, New Mexico.

He passed away at the age of 77 on June 14, 1992 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.
Robert married Barbara Lucille Stephan, daughter of George Frank Stephan and Lucy Fry, on August 15, 1940 in Emerson, Nebraska. Barbara was born on October 6, 1923 in Jackson Co., Nebraska. She passed away on February 8, 1978 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., Iowa.

The couple raised the following children:

11.1. [M] (i) Robert Eugene Allen was born on June 10, 1941 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa. When riding his bike while carrying his fishing pole he was hit by truck. He passed away weeks before his 10th birthday in May 1951 in South Sioux City, Dakota Co., Nebraska.

11.2. [M] (ii) Living son.
11.3. [F] (iii) Living daugther.
11.4. [M] (iv) Living son.
11.5 [M] (v) Living son.

Family Tree of Allen generation 10

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