Family Tree of Blessing generation 6

Descendants of Johannes Blessing

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6.1. Andreas Blessing, son of Johannes Blessing, was born abt. 1706 in Sparwiesen, Donaukreis-Württemberg, Germany. Andreas married Anna Maria Eberhard abt. 1733 in the Donaukreis-Württemberg region. Anna Maria was born abt. 1706 in the Donaukreis-Württemberg region.

The couple raised the following children:

7.1. [M] (i) Johann Georg Blessing was christened on May 2, 1736 in Sparwiesen, Donaukreis-Württemberg.
7.2. [M] (ii) Johannes Blessing was christened on September 16, 1740 in Sparwiesen.
7.3. [M] (iii) Andreas Blessing was christened on November 13, 1743 in Sparwiesen.
7.4. [F] (iv) Anna Maria Blessing was christened on March 21, 1752 in Sparwiesen. She passed away at the age of 72 on July 14, 1824.
Anna Maria married Johannes Eberhard on April 13, 1790 in Sparwiesen.
The couple had 3 children of whom 2 passed away in infancy.

Family Tree of Blessing generation 6

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