Family Tree of DeGraaff generation 6

Descendants of Jacob de Graaff

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6.1. Jan de Graaff, son of Jacob de Graaff, was christened on October 15, 1752 in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

Christening record from the Reformed Church of Alkmaar

Jan married Alida Kerrebijn (Corbijn, Karbijn, see note), daughter of Jan Kerrebijn and Elisabeth van Tilburg, on July 27, 1783 in Alkmaar. Alida was christened on February 22, 1756 in Alkmaar. She was buried on June 30, 1800 in Alkmaar.
7.1. [M] (i) Willem de Graaff was christened on June 10, 1784 in Alkmaar. He passed away at the age of 54 on January 13, 1839 in Alkmaar.
Willem married (1) Stijntje Jans Bouwer on August 3, 1807 and she gave birth to eight children. She was born in around 1788 most likely in Alkmaar. Stijntje passed away on October 23, 1827 in Alkmaar. On some certificates here surname is spelled differently as Brouwer.

Willem married (2) Johanna van Reijselenberg (Rijsselberg), daughter of Cornelis van Reijselenberg and Johanna Laaken, on October 19, 1828 in Alkmaar. Johanna was born in 1782 in Maassluis, Zuid-Holland prov., The Netherlands.
7.2. [M] (ii) Jan de Graaff was born in November 1785 in Alkmaar.
7.3. [F] (iii) Elisabeth de Graaff was christened on April 8, 1787 in Alkmaar.
7.4. [F] (iv) Grietje de Graaff was christened on July 09, 1788 in Alkmaar. She passed away before July 1790 in Alkmaar.
7.5. [F] (v) Grietje de Graaff was christened on July 4, 1790 in Alkmaar.
7.6. [M] (vi) Adriaan de Graaff was christened on November 20, 1791 in Alkmaar.
Adriaan married Catharina Dorothea Windschild, from German parents, on February 12, 1815. On the marriage certificate he has changed his name into Adrianus van Woerden and his true age of 24 into 29 years. Catharina gave birth to 2 children. He left here after an official divorce on July 21, 1818. Adrianus van Woerden was indeed Adriaan de Graaff, because his true parents are mentioned on the divorce certificate.

The surname of Alida is spelled in many ways. Reason of this diversity is the fact that some clerks had little knowledge of grammar. Spelling was not their best skill. So often names would be written phonetically, which created an even bigger problem as fathers coming to the Mayer’s Office to register their newly born child sometimes were a bit intoxicated by the time they reached the clerk’s desk.
This is why Karbijn, Kerrebijn, Kerbijn and Corbijn – either written with a C or a K – are all surnames of the same family.

Family Tree of DeGraaff generation 6

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