Family Tree of DeGraaff generation 7

Descendants of Jacob de Graaff

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7.2. Jan de Graaff, son of Jan de Graaff, was christened on November 6, 1785 in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland prov., The Netherlands. He was a tin smith hand or tin caster and he passed away on January 27, 1858 in Alkmaar.
Jan married Sientje Jans (Gezina Jansen), fatherless daughter of Trijntje Jans, on August 2, 1818 in Alkmaar. On the wedding certificate Gezina’s name is written as Sientje Jans, but on the birth certificate of her son Jan her full name is spelled Gezina Jansen. Gezina (Sientje) was christened on July 14 1785 in Alkmaar. She passed away on Septeber 11, 1849 in Alkmaar.

The couple raised the following child:

8.1. [M] (i) Jan de Graaff was born on October 27, 1821 in Alkmaar.

Family Tree of DeGraaff generation 7

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