Family Tree of Nieuwenburg generation 1

Descendants of
Heijndrick Willemszoon van Nieuwenburg

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1.1. Heyndrick Willemszoon van Nieuwenburg was christened in 1630 te Neuenburg (Prussia). He was a cloth weaver and he passed away at the age of 41 in 1671 in Leiden, The Netherlands.
Heyndrick married Divertie Cornelia Cornelissen, daughter of Grietje Dircx, on December 11, 1650 in Leiden. Divertie was christened in 1630 in Leiden. She passed away on August 16, 1671 in Leiden.

The couple raised the following children:

2.1. [M] (i) Willem Hendriks van Nieuwenburg was christened on August 25, 1647 in Leiden.
2.2. [F] (ii) Geertrui Hendricks van Nieuwenburg was born about 1650 in Leiden.
Geertrui married a man with the given name Steijn in 1671.
2.3. [F] (iii) Lucia Nieuwenburg was christened on February 8, 1654 in Leiden.
Lucia married Claas Duijf abt. 1675 in Leiden.
2.4. [M] (iv) Johannes Hendricks van Nieuwenburgh was christened on February 27, 1656 in Leiden.

Family Tree of Nieuwenburg generation 1

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