Family Tree of Zee (Seekamp) generation 1

Descendants of Harm Seekamp

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The Seekamp family lived and worked in a time when the current Republic of Germany didn’t exist yet. The northern part of todays Germany with cities like Bremen and Hanover was then a principality within the Holy Roman Empire before being elevated into an electorate in 1708, when Hanover was formed by union of the dynastic divisions of the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg, excepting the Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. In 1815 it became the Kingdom of Hanover. Along with the rest of Prussia, the Kindom of Hanover became part of the German Empire upon the unification of Germany in January 1871. Belowe the region will be referred to as Germany to keep it simple.

1.1. Harm Seekamp wa born abt. 1580 in the sub-distict of Achim in the Verden District, which borders the river Weser, south east of Bremen in Germany. His father is believed to be Brüning Seekamp, born abt. 1550 who lived, worked and died in the same sub-district of Achim. Like his father the early Seekamps were farmers and lived probably in small townships like Bollen and Bierden.
Harm most certainly married but the name of his wife hasn’t been found yet. Harm Seekamp passed away at the age of 45 abt. 1625 most likely in Bierden, Achim/Verden, Germany.

The couple raised the following childr:

2.1. [M] (i) Wöltje Seekamp was born in 1604 in Bierden, Achim/Verden, Germany.
2.2. [M] (ii) Brüning Seekamp was born abt. 1606 in the sub-district of Achim/Verden, Germany.
2.3. [M] (iii) Albert Seekamp was born abt 1610 in the sub-district of Achim/Verden, Germany.

Family Tree of Zee (Seekamp) generation 1

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