Family Tree of Zee (Seekamp) generation 3

Descendants of Harm Seekamp

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3.2. Brüne Seekamp, son of Wöltje Seekamp, was born abt. 1641 in Bierden, Achim/Verden, Germany. He was a farmer in the township of Bollen, Achim/Verden, Germany. He passed away at the age of 76 in March 1717 in Bollen and was buried on March 8, 1717 in Arbergen, Bremen, Germany.
Brüne married Beke Struckhusen on April 9, 1668 in Arbergen, Bremen, Germany. Beke was born abt. 1634 in Bollen. She passed away at the age of 69 in December 1703 in Bollen and she was buried on January 1, 1704 in Arbergen.

Typical classic farmhouse as seen throughout the Verden District
on the borders of the river Weser.

The couple raised the following child:

4.1. [M] (i) Bösche Seekamp was christened on Februart 12, 1669 in Bollen, Achim/Verden, Germany.

Bösche would follow in his fathers footsteps and become a farmer as well. This prompts a scenario where he inherited the farm in Bollen from his parents, just as his mother -who may have been the only child of grandpa and grandma Struckhusen- inherited it from her parents. The marriage between Beke and her boyfriend and fathers farmhand Brüne Seekamp was the only way to keep the farmhouse, the life stock and the land in the family.

Family Tree of Zee (Seekamp) generation 3

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